Pole Disclosure Trailer

About the Show

Pole disclosure is an up and coming contemporary, feminist, acrobatic show featuring an all female and non-binary cast and crew, following women’s stories throughout our current political climate.

Using aerial acrobatics as a conduit for storytelling, the artists unfold the story of two women and their journeys through healthy and unhealthy relationships. It addresses women’s issues in both circus and the wider world. It is raw, honest, funny and tender hearted.

Amaya Alvarado and Kate Law came together in Portland, Oregon in 2016. Cumulatively, they have over 20 years of experience spanning many disciplines which are reflected in the show and include; Chinese Pole, Cyr Wheel, Hand to Hand, Trapeze, Dance and Invented Aerial Apparatus.

Audience Quotes

“The combination of action and words is so profound and inspiring, it surprised and enchanted me. I want to see more!”

Intense, courageous and a wonderfully good way to explore the dynamic relationship between two people, whose physical well-being depends on each other.”

It was stunning. I loved the emotionally charged journey you took us on.”

“This was moving in ways I never anticipated, thank you both. Really, this needs to be seen.”

“Powerfully vulnerable and honest.”

“It was beautiful and risky.”

Mesmerizing! Powerful! A message for our times.”

This is a really strong piece. I love the talking while moving, it feels really honest and real and the stories feel authentic and personal. It felt surprising, really throughout, not at all predictable.”

“Thank you so much for this piece, it was an amazing experience! You blended you movement and talking seamlessly. The story you told was powerfully vulnerable and honest.”